Transitional Youth Academy

Transitional Youth Academy, a program of Interfaith Community Services, is a prevention and intervention program offering intensive behavioral health and crisis intervention counseling, as well as case management, educational supportive services, vocational development, and life skills training. The purpose of the video is to raise awareness of the program in the community, and to serve as a fundraiser for the program by forwarding the voices of the youth the program serves.

Student Testimonial:
"Taking the VIC course was one of the best decisions I have made in my academic career.  I now have an amazing piece to put into my portfolio, and also I also broadened my horizons and learned more about the community I have been living in.  Working with the youth in the video, learning about their pasts, and seeing where they are now, is such an inspiring experience. If you just take a few minutes to really listen to what they need and want, you will find that they are so bright. They just need a push and someone to count on. Tthey also made me want to work even harder to better my own life and gave me a drive to want to do more in the community-- whether it be making community films or just doing community service on my own time.  It also furthered my art in that it showed me how we can make an artistic piece that can be used to benefit others."

- Lauren Radel, Visual and Performing Arts Student