Palomar Family YMCA

The organization requests a short video that will be used by the YMCA marketing department to tell the “Y” story to potential YMCA members and donors. The purpose of this video is to raise awareness of the YMCA in the community and to assist in the annual support campaign fundraising goals. ¬†Student producers include Andrew Reed, Paz Mendelevitch, Caitlin Mueller, Anthony De Thomas and Charles Signorino.

Student Testimony:
"This project has helped me see that through art we are able to make a difference. We can bring information and ideas to a large audience that might not have seen otherwise. If they are unable to come to the Y, we bring the Y to them and show that it is easy and beneficial to become a member of the Y."
- Caitlin Mueller, VPA Student

"The YMCA project has given me great experience in life and art. As a college student I did not pay a lot of attention to the community. By working on this project it became very clear to me how people feel towards others in the community. I feel that during my time in helping with the video, it has helped my social and leadership skills because I was made to talk to people and to lead the path to help my group. As a professional I also feel that this project has helped me because I had to be responsible. This project has really influenced my life and what I will do in the future, especially for the community." 
- Anthony De Thomas, VPA Student