San Diego County Office of Education, Homeless Student Services

The San Diego County Office of Education's Foster Youth and Homeless Education Services responds to, assists, and empowers all systems that support students who are in foster care or are homeless to achieve academic success. The programs are designed to prepare students to become successful, self-sufficient and independent adults. The purpose of the video is to raise awareness on the issue of youth homelessness and is utilized for training and awareness proposes for districts, county, and community providers. Produced by students Jason Baluyot, Matthew Unwin, Marleen Heredia,
Taylor Scalise, Annelise Owens.

Student statement:
"Working on this project made me more aware about the seriousness of homelessness. I never thought that unaccompanied youth could be a person right next door. I feel that this project will hopefully open the eyes of other people, teachers, and students to the seriousness of this situation. I know that the things I learned in this class will stay with me forever. Especially, the awareness of unaccompanied youth." -Jason Baluyot, Visual and Performing Arts Student.