Vamos a Hablar/Let's Talk:
exploring the power of open communication between adults and youth

Vamos a Hablar/Let’s Talk is a bilingual video intended for Latino youth and families to discuss how to prevent unplanned pregnancies and maintain adolescent reproductive health. Latino youth say that open communication with their parents is key to help them make smart choices about sexuality. Parents want to talk to their children about relationships, reproductive health and sex, and share their own values, but don’t always know what to say or when to say it. Director Kristine Diekman foregrounds the voices of teen parents and adults who earnestly believe they could have made wiser choices had there been open communication. In addition to these personal stories, educators and health care professionals offer insights on the importance of parents and their children talking early, talking often, and talking truthfully about sexuality. Diekman delivers a compelling video that reveals how Latino teen parents and their families feel about preventing unplanned pregnancies in adolescence, and invites further community conversations about this important issue.

Presented in six segments| Presentado en seis segmentos: Let’s Talk|Vamos a Hablar (9 min.),
Parenting Styles| Estilos de Crianza (14 min.), Loneliness|Soledad (11 min.), Teen Families|Familias
Jóvenes (12 min.), Consequences|Consecuencias (19 min.), Solutions|Soluciones (7 min.). DOWNLOAD VIDEO SUMMARIES.

Funded by the Leichtag Family Foundation with additional support from Mano a Mano Foundation.


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