Transitional Youth Academy
"Using socially responsible media to drive civic engagement is not just about advancing one nonprofit's
mission, but rather advancing our entire community forward and affecting positive social change in
North County," said Jeanine Guarino, Program Director at Transitional Youth Academy. "Video in the
Community is an important catalyst making that change possible."

SDCOE, Jessie's Program
"Diekman' s and VIC' s videos are not only educational, they are inspiring and motivating to audiences,"
explained Barbara Rivas, who coordinates Jessie's Program, an intense mentorship program that helps reduce recidivism among high-risk teens in Juvenile Hall. "I have shown A Way Out to the girls in Juvenile Hall and their response was 'finally there is a video that says it like it really is.'"

Interfaith Community Services
"Interfaith Community Services is honored to be among the nonprofit organizations fortunate to participate in the California State University San Marcos Video in the Community course", said Christine Vaughn, former public relations specialist at Interfaith Community Services. "Currently, our video is featured online through our Facebook page, posted on YouTube.com, shared with our donors through our e-newsletter, used in presentations, distributed to current and prospective program funders, and is being incorporated into our website. The feedback and response we're receiving from our supporters is phenomenal, and there is no doubt that this video is helping Interfaith advance our mission and better serve our community."

Mano a Mano Foundation
“VIC professional videos are very high quality, culturally sensitive, and reflect the thinking, the need, and the people from our own community," said Dr. Beatriz Villarreal, Director of the Mano a Mano Foundation. “At the “Change Program”, ¬†where we teach remediation and education classes for youth offenders charged with shoplifting and graffiti, we use the video A Way Out that empathizes the importance of decision making and the consequences of youth's actions. The feedback from the youth is very positive and rewarding."

Oceanside Highschool, TYA
"We continue to be so excited about our video that your students did for TYA! Yesterday we had a group of grown men brought to tears and moved to action to potentially help us build transitional housing for our homeless youth!  We are so thankful for the work that you do with your students and what the students did for our program! "- Shay Gebler, Case Manager and Gang Prevention Specialist