Partnerships Overview

Kristine Diekman, VIC’s Director, developed Video in the Community in response to community need for meaningful and quality media. She believes that part of the educational and civic mission of the University is to create opportunities for students, faculty and professionals to work directly with community partners in collaborative projects to simultaneously develop the strengths of the of both communities.

VIC considers its relationships with community organizations, individuals, students and funders as collaborative partnerships that serve the community through two types of productions -- student productions and professional productions. We collectively can enact social transformation by working together to:

1. identify the problems that effect us regionally and nationally;
2. develop content for media tools that offer solutions;
3. produce media tools that provide information, motivation and resources for change;
4. disseminate these tools through screenings, presentations and trainings;
5. assess the effectiveness of these tools;
6. educate college students about their regional community and support them in their creative, social justice and community engagement goals.


"Education at CSUSM goes beyond the walls of a classroom. Our professors incorporate community outreach and service into the courses, which not only boosts my learning experience but positively impacts our region. It brings our community together and everyone gains from the experience."- Jermaine Jackson, Arts and Technology and VIC Alumnus